CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 2014-2017 !

It is always hard to say good bye, every generation leaves behind moments full of joy. We wish you all the very best, Princeton will keep its doors open for you, be sure to make our institution proud.

Good bye Princeton

By Roberta Cataño

This is our last week on Princeton school, and we are very grateful for everything that the school has done for us, and with us. All the activities that we had during this last year, like the Sample of Young Entrepreneurs , the UN Model that is a very important and  serious work for everyone , and  the Cultural and Gastronomic event , made us feel  we are  taken into account for school.

Also, thanks to the teachers that during the year helped us, teaching us lessons for life, we could feel supported.

We´ve been having a great time, and even though some of us just met this year, at the time we were acommodated in  one group, we realized who we were, we made new friends and had times of hard laughing.

So,  thank you  Princeton! for making this last year so special and for some their whole life.